Nichole delivers tailored programs based on a deep understanding of your business and objectives. Through humor and sharing her own personal experiences, she creates a lively environment that captivates, engages, and inspires. Having spoken to and for Fortune 500 clients nationwide, Nichole’s experience and dynamic personality ensures your message will resonate with attendees, and accomplish your goals.

Signature Programs


Surviving two fiancés dying, a plane crash, and fighting back from a debilitating disease. 25 MILES is signature speech that spans across multiple genres. Nichole’s entrepreneurial background and years of corporate experience lend toward a masterful ride for the audience as they experience first hand the rollercoaster spirals, giving the audience an emotional, humorous, and educational crash course in managing your life, work, and health. 25 MILES has affected and connected with pharmaceutical, medical, healthcare professionals, and patients alike.

This speech applies to many categories of motivational and can also be based on your business. On request, this presentation can have a focus on or be adapted to faith, inspiration, or motivation.


Owning mistakes, failures, and faults! JUST OWN IT! teaches the audience productive, creative, and positive ways to Own It and fix the conflicts of giving up, giving in, and not doing it because once you’ve hit these walls you think there’s no going back. JUST OWN IT! is a fantastic and humorous learning experience for any sales team, corporate platform, or group of executives and/or employees that need to learn that when you JUST OWN IT! you can surpass it and realize positive successes.

JUST OWN IT today!


Entertain, Engage, Educate. These are the three key tools for training personnel, selling, and acquiring new clients.


Possibilities Out of Problems. POP! teaches audiences how to overcome obstacles, persevere, and create possibilities out of problems. Allowing for them to have that POP in their brain that sparks an ah-ha moment. That’s the truest way to teach.