Nichole and her dog Abby

Nichole and her dog Abby

In 2006 I set off on a terrifying, but ultimately life-altering, journey that started the day I learned I had a debilitating disease. That wasn’t life’s first—or last—heartbreak for me, but its unique challenges proved to be the catalyst for finding my true self.

After years of success as an entrepreneur, business owner, operations director, and professional speaker, my diagnosis—and the emotional rollercoaster that followed—opened the door to the next chapter in my life: sharing the message of limitless belief in ourselves.

My life story expands way beyond the debilitating disease that almost partially paralyzed my body. It’s about how I surprised even myself and came back fighting to become a stronger, healthier, more inspired version of myself. I truly believe that through limitless passion, spirit, and the courage to believe in ourselves, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. I’m determined to share my story with others who may be doubting their hidden power to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

If you’re looking for an inspiring, interactive, and—to quote a recent attendee—often hilarious speaker for your next event, you’ve found her. Check out my programs and a list of some of my most popular topics here.

P.S. I’m currently working on a book to be released based on and inspired by the events of my life. It’s an emotional, humorous, and ultimately uplifting journey.

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