About Nichole Chobin

“Sometimes we JUST HAVE TO OWN IT. Get rid of all of the crap, and reboot.”
—Nichole Chobin

About Nichole

My story of limitless passion, spirit, and the courage to believe in ourselves began in 2006, when I set off on a terrifying, but ultimately life-altering journey that started the day I learned I had a debilitating disease. This wasn’t life’s first—or last—heartbreak, but its unique challenges proved to be the catalyst for finding my true self.
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Through humor and sharing her own personal experiences, Nichole creates a lively environment that captivates, engages, and inspires. Having spoken to and for Fortune 500 clients nationwide, her experience and dynamic personality ensures your message will resonate with attendees, and accomplish your goals.
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“Nichole is a dynamic speaker that captivates her audience through personal connection and overall demeanor. Her poise and professionalism in any situation is the crux of her character and transcends into her daily work. It has been an honor to work with such a positive and dedicated individual that always puts others before herself to ensure a job well done.”
—Mark Nicotera, Lazar Partners Ltd.

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